Welcome to the HADAS - Eco-Assistant.
Some user caveats are the following:
  • Choose one, and just one, Concern.
  • Write a value for each numeric parameter of the specific Energy Context of your specific case study.
  • Always select one numeric parameter as X-Axis variable. The specific value for that parameter is the Maximum [from 0 to Max], for the rest is the concrete value.
  • Colours indetify each level of HADAS Model: (1)Device, (2)Operating System, (3)Programming Language, (4)Concern, (5)Variable design, (6)Alternative technologies, (7)Energy Contects, (7.1)Numeric Parameters, (7.2)Data Type, (7.3)Operation
  • Results page shows four graphs: (1)Line graph of Energy, (2)Bar graph of Energy, (3)Line graph of Time, and (4)Bar graph of Time
  • Each data serie is linked with its Legend (right-hand side of each graph) and its meta-data (first number of the each legend).
You can check the following example, a sustainability analysis of Android Cryptography Sign operation: