Welcome to the HADAS - Eco-Assistant Green Plugin for JetBrains IDEs.
The instructions to install it are:
  • If you have not done that already, download a JetBrains IDE and install it (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA here)
  • Download the JetBrains Green Plugin clicking here
  • Open your desired JetBrains IDE (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA)
  • In the IDE menu File click in Settings. It will pop-up a new window, in it, click in Plugins (left-side menu).
  • Then, click in Install plugin from disk...(bottom menu) to pop-up a search window. Locate and select jb_green_plugin.jar
  • After the IDE reboot, you are good to go
  • Optionally, for a faster testing we provide JAVA programming code as a DEMO, bundled in a IntelliJ IDEA project here
  • To load the DEMO project, decompress CryptographyDemos.zip, open IntelliJ IDEA IDE, click on Import, and select the uncompressed DEMO project
You can check the process, use and testing of the Green Plugin in the following video: